Fill the input box

Figure out the size of the input box, and fill it up so that everything you type fits neatly without scrolling.

If your email client gives you ten lines to type your message, type ten (and not two or twenty). If letters to the editor have to be less than 500 words, never write 600 words. If you old cell phone has a tiny screen, abbrev your memos to self.

This principle works just as well for paper. I am a recent convert from quadrille ruled 8.5x11" lab notebooks to a quad ruled pocket Field Notes notebook. It’s so much easier to fill up a page with one thought when the page only fits five long sentences.

The input box for the wiki where I first wrote this down is smaller than this 80x24 terminal screen, I’m writing a little less. It’s a cheat to change fonts or page widths from the defaults.

January 06, 2005; revised September 30, 2017.