CarlosEDP - RISC-V Bringup

CarlosEDP has a Github repo, riscv-bringup, with progress towards getting containers and Go applications on RISC-V. »

rvs - Alpine Linux builder

Work is underway by rvs to build Alpine Linux for RISC-V. See Create a riscv64 builder, Gitlab issue alpine/infra/10722. »

Twitter RISC-V accounts to watch

Not all of these people always post all the time about RISC-V, but there’s enough here to be useful Official accounts SiFive - silicon vendor Risc-V - RISC-V International #riscv - hashtag Personal accounts Tsukasa CarlosEDP - Carlos Eduardo »

Ubuntu RISC-V

Ubuntu has RISC-V support starting with Ubuntu 21.04 for the SiFive HiFive Unmatched board. »